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New Talent, New Jersey'
by Estelle Sinclaire

Excerpts from:
Princeton Packet
Princeton, NJ, 1987

Ms. Depew takes her impeccable glaze-on-glaze modeling into a dim forest in her second large oil. Light strikes brilliantly across a ruined tree trunk that is the composition's central figure.

A Plainfield resident, Nancy Depew took her Master of Fine Arts degree at State University of New York at Albany. She admits to having been neither born drawing, so to speak, nor the prize drawing pupil of an acknowledged master.

That finish of hers results, she says, from "a lot of invention. I found a system where I can manipulate the paint. I do a lot of pushing things around, or erasing charcoal. I'd be a terrible water-color artist. I did have a major breakthrough.. Once I have the feeling of (the composition) - that's not quite the word - I can begin." Unexplained: How does she know when skin texture is right?

Ms. Depew holds a 1987 painting fellowship from the New Jersey Council on the Arts. Hints of Magic Surrealism - anachronistic perspective, overstated green moss - anchor her work in the post-Expressionist late-20th century.

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