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Luring Art's Key Audience: The Buyer
by Eric Ernst
The Southhampton Press, Southhampton, NY
January 4, 2007

One artist of note is Nancy Depew, whoose work manages to express an indefinable intellectual vibrancy matched with an impressive handling of painterly materials. Reminiscent in the artist's tones and technical ability of painters of the contemporary School of Florence, the two works here transcend the mere re-creation of objective imagery and instead conjure an almost surreal ambiance in which the artist uses light to extend the narrative beyond the boundaries of the canvas.

This is particularly evident in "Edge" (oil on panel, 2005) which uses asseritive contrast in colors and textures to balance the structure of the composition. Offering an intriguingly mysterious component in the juxtaposition of vibrant flowers and the fragile shell of a dead insect in the immediate foreground, the work has a contrived pictorial perfection in its circular composition that is broken by the shadow of an unseen leaf that exists just beyond the viewer's field of vision.

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